User’s guides are written about published or soon-to-be published mathematical research papers, by their authors, in order to provide meta-data and context for the results.  They cover four topics:

Topic 1: Key insights and organizing principles — what is the essence of the paper?
Topic 2: Conceptual metaphors and mental imagery — how should we think about it?
Topic 3: Story of the development — how do you actually get from A to B?
Topic 4: Colloquial summary — how would you explain it to a non-mathematician?

Topics are collaboratively edited and peer-reviewed by the issue’s writers and the Lead Editor, Luke Wolcott.  For more information, visit the About page.  Questions, comments, and contributions are welcome: email luke.wolcott@usc.edu.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 2 (September 2016)

Mike Catanzaro, University of Florida (website)
source paper: Dynamics and fluctuations of cellular cycles on CW complexes
joint with Vladimir Y. Chernyak and John R. Klein
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Martin Frankland, Universität Osnabrück (website)
source paper: Completed power operations for Morava E-theory (arxiv:1311.7123)
joint with Tobias Barthel
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Vitaly Lorman, Johns Hopkins University (website)
source paper: Landweber flat real pairs and ER(n)-cohomology (arxiv:1603.06865)
joint with Nitu Kitchloo and W. Stephen Wilson
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Kristen Mazur, Elon University (website)
source paper: An Equivariant Tensor Product on Mackey Functors (arxiv:1508.04062)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Luke Wolcott, University of Southern California (website)
source paper: Variations of the telescope conjecture and Bousfield lattices for localized categories of spectra (arxiv:1307.3351)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

PAST ISSUE: Volume 1 (October 2015)

Cary Malkiewich, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (website)
source paper: Coassembly and the K-theory of finite groups (arxiv:1503.06504)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Mona Merling, Johns Hopkins University (website)
source paper: Categorical models for equivariant classifying spaces (arxiv:1201.5178v2)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2         Topic 3          Topic 4

David White, Denison University (website)
source paper: Monoidal Bousfield localizations and algebras over operads (arxiv:1404.5197)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Luke Wolcott, Lawrence University (website)
source paper: Bousfield lattices of non-Noetherian rings: some quotients and products (arxiv:1301.4485)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4

Carolyn Yarnall, University of Kentucky (website)
source paper: The slices of S^n \wedge H\underline{\mathbb{Z}}  for cyclic p-groups (arxiv:1510.02077)
Guide          Topic 1          Topic 2          Topic 3          Topic 4


The following mathematicians are writing for Volume 3, which will come out Fall 2017.

Jon Beardsley, Johns Hopkins University
Don Larson, Catholic University
Sean Tilson, University of Osnabrück
Gabriel Valenzuela, Ohio State University
Sarah Yeakel, University of Maryland, College Park