Enchiridion: Vol. 2 (2016): Kristen Mazur

Kristen Mazur (Elon University)

User’s Guide
Topic 1: Key insights and organizing principles
Topic 2: Conceptual metaphors and mental imagery
Topic 3: Story of the development
Topic 4: Colloquial summary
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Source Paper
An Equivariant Tensor Product on Mackey Functors

Source Paper Abstract
For all subgroupsH of a cyclic p-group G we define norm functors that build a G-Mackey functor from an H-Mackey functor. We give an explicit construction of these functors in terms of generators and relations based solely on the intrinsic, algebraic properties of Mackey functors and Tambara functors. We use these norm functors to define a monoidal structure on the category of Mackey functors where Tambara functors are the commutative ring objects.

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