Enchiridion: Vol. 3 (2017): Sarah Yeakel

Sarah Yeakel (University of Maryland, College Park)

User’s Guide
Topic 1: Key insights and organizing principles
Topic 2: Conceptual metaphors and mental imagery
Topic 3: Story of the development
Topic 4: Colloquial summary
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Source Paper
A monoidal model for Goodwillie derivatives

Source Paper Abstract
Using the category of finite sets and injections, we construct a lax monoidal model for Goodwillie’s derivatives of a functor between spaces or spectra. Along the way, we show that the cross effects of a monad form a functor-operad. We also recover a chain rule for endofunctors of spaces, expressing the derivatives of the composite F\circ G as a derived composition product of the derivatives of F and G.

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